Mordon Online


  Free multiplayer turn-based tactical RPG for these tactics and strategies!
   The game takes place in the wonderful world Mordon. World Mordon especially appreciated the cold calculation and red crystals, especially blue.
   You are a commander of mercenaries! Once in this world, you can become a general and challenge other great commanders, develop and equip their squad of mercenaries, build and develop the mine, to protect your mine from looters or contrary to attack the opponent\\\'s mine!
   Smart tactics - the guarantee of victory, especially in a team fight with his colleagues in arms!
   Important Features
   Multiplayer tactical role-based strategy (Tactical Role-Playing Game + Turn-Based Strategy) in 3D!
   Advanced system of personal and team battles with random selection!
   Large selection of game cards with a random choice depending on the type and size of the fight will not die of boredom!
   Great sound, great music, intuitive to-learn gameplay and high-quality 3D graphics!
   Improve and develop your mine! Get more! Make your mine invincible!
   Betray and Improve their mercenaries, improve their performance, develop their mastery of weapons!
   Weapons and armor can be improved significantly by changing the playing characteristics of the items!
   Communicate with friends and rivals while playing the game and battle chats!
   Necessary for a comfortable game: Tablet 7 \\\"screen resolution of 1024x600, 2-core processor from 1000Mhz, RAM from 1024Mb.
   The game requires 400 MB of free space and a permanent Internet connection.








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