Zombie Park


  You thought you knew everything about zombie?! You were wrong! After the anthropogenic catastrophe and epidemic, zombies settled down all over the world, and the amusement park started to be their lovely place. No one could even imagine how zombies adore amusement parks, but on top of that nobody could thought that they don't like to share it with the other zombies. Soon the park was to small for all of them...
   Zombie park – is a real snivel-crash, where you have to shoot your enemy down and get your merry-go-round first. Destroy your enemies, enjoy it and get gold! Besides you can sell it then on the game stock exchange for the real money.
   Choose your stake – wait for the enemy and do the snivel-crash.
   The main concept of Zombie park is the target fire and beautiful landscapes. Such a game-play will not make you be bored, and promise you will be exciting all the playing time.







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